We have 2 types of access to video files
1. Using a premium account UbiqFile. You need to go to any download link and buy a premium account. Gives you the opportunity to download most of the video (95%) of 25 GB per day.
1.1 For a regular premium you can download a lot of expensive videos. (but you can not download videos for $ 1 (the video for an additional fee))

2. Could not buy premium?

2.1 Do not use a proxy – VPN we have fraud transaction protection installed
2.2 Gift cards are better suited for payment, you must enter all the data, there should be no lemites on your credit card in your bank and it should be open for online payments
2.3 On your card there should be a positive balance and activated 3d secure
2.4 PayPal reseller https://keyinstant.com/ubiqfile-premium-account.html
2.5 If you have a cryptocurrency, you can buy a premium account! (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash)

The guys, when contacting support [email protected] make requests correctly if payment failed or another problem to pay attach checks (screenshots) what would be clear what the problem is